Monday, September 15, 2008

Joe Biden's Vice Presidential Recomendation

Sarah Palin insists she is ready to be a vice president. But she could not define the Bush doctrines???

She did argue that Georgia and the Ukraine should be in NATO and would thus mandate the US to attack aggressive Russia.

Senator Joe Biden says Hillary would have been a better vice president candidate that he is. Whey didn't he tell Obama that earlier?

Bill Clinton will start campaigning for Obama in very late Sept. Why doesn't he wait until late November. As for Hillary, she is campaigning and no one is noticing. The media has a new female icon now.

While General David Petraeus argues that the progress made in Iraq is fragile, the Administration with the Iraqi government argues that timetables for exiting are in order. Wasn't that Obama's position in late February?

Thursday, September 4, 2008

How Secede In Life

THE GOP convention showed a strange film that praised its greatest president, Abraham Lincoln. Earlier in the night the media was discussing if Sarah Palin was a member of an Alaskan party that advocated succession. Strange irony for the Republican spinners.

Obama and Biden were on Sixty Minutes and one can realize why people don't support Biden. He is too much of a hail and hearty boy, with his backslapping and jousting. Spare us the false macho stuff, Joe.

The best media story of the week is that the McCain people denied poor old Larry King an interview with the Senator because a CNN reporter implied that Palin has no real experience as commander in chief just because some units of the Alaskan National Guard are in Iraq.

As for Sarah, she just got her US passport two years ago. Just in time.