Monday, June 30, 2008

Oil Prices

We all are weary of the rising oil prices. But it is interesting to see the break down of who gets what from $4.00 a gallon: $3 for extracting crude oil; refining 40 cents ; oil profits 20 cents; gas station owners 10 cents; taxes (fed and state) about 40 cents. New Jersey has the second lowest tax in nation.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Still Going The American Way?

Some yahoos in the GOP in Texas have made up buttons that say "If Obama wins, is the White house still white?" In North Carolina some fools have made up Curious George dolls with Obama on them. Is that the level we are operating on still???

Bush was in Europe saying how pro American they have become. He did not mention the Pew polls that show much of that increase is due to the fact that he is leaving office soon.

Some 82 percent of the American people think the nation is going the wrong direction. Who are the other 18%? Do they live in this land?

Monday, June 2, 2008

Odds and Ends

Hillary overwhelmingly wins Puerto Rico, but only 20% of the people voted on an island where 80% percent of the people usually vote—that's about as big a turnout as the people who vote in the municipal fire department commissioner elections.

When can I get a copy of Scott McClellan’s book around here? Is there anything McClellan said that we don't know about? Imagine implying that the Bush administration is not on the level!

Obama's giving a speech in Mitchell South Dakota in front of a building built of corn cobs. Is that state for real?

Harold Ickey spent all weekend denouncing the Democratic National Committee’s rules on voting. Where was he when the rules were created? As I remember, he was there! How many Americans remember that his father was Franklin’s Roosevelt’s great Secretary of the Interior?

Speaking of FDR the co chair of the democratic national rules committee was FDR's great grandson. Boy, has the gene pool thinned out in that great family.

McCain denounced Obama for not having bee in Iraq recently. Last time McCain went we have to mobilize all sorts of American military security just to protect him and sycophant Joe Lieberman just so that they walk through the bizarre buying cheap rugs.

This weekend, with my wife, I saw the Sex and the City movie. Only three other hen-pecked guys were there in an auditorium that sat over three hundred people. When I walked in, the women gave me an ovation. Is this country becoming polarized by gender?