Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Swine Flu

Since the Middle Ages, the great plagues have frightened us. We see the loss of large segments to something that is invisible to the naked eye, and some how linked up to animals and diseased carriers. Our responses are really often the same: fresh air, isolation, and prayer. So it was with the bird flu, with AIDS, and now with swine flu, except now we are more international, more porous, and thus more vulnerable.

The Hall Institute prints here the CDC link which is probably the very best information and the most current that we possess. The address is:

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Results

The oldest political party in the world, a party founded by Virginia slaveholders in the eighteenth century, has nominated and elected the first African American president. Critical to Barack Obama's victory was the Democrats’ stronger showing among white college graduates than four years ago. The most salient issue was the deteriorating economy and health care coverage. The question of exiting Iraq, so important four years ago, became less important since the collapse of housing and financial industries. Tonight history was made in many ways.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Odd and Ends

Now the McCain people are attacking Palin as a diva and a whack job. How come when others said that they got so much right wing hate mail.

Is anyone seriously talking about her and 2012. Come on guys, wake up, this nation is in serious straits.

McCain reported proudly how many Secretaries of State support him; unfortunately he could not remember George Schultz.

Word is Obama people are writing his inaugural address. Shouldn't they be spending their time on getting out the vote?

Monday, October 20, 2008

Caribou Barbie

Wits have called Sarah Palin "Caribou Barbie"

New York Times is now blaming the current economic mess on Alan Greenspan, once revered by business and politicians

AP-Yahoo-Stanford poll shows Obama might be losing up to 6 points nationally because of his race

Thursday, October 16, 2008

There Hillary Is

In the last debate, McCain went on the offensive against Obama, but Obama decided as the front runner to grin most of the night. Hey, these are serious matters, guys.

Hillary was at Hofstra, sitting quietly and thinking. She said little. HOfstra does a fine job presenting special weeks on presidents of the past, including her husband, to tries and define their place in history. More interesting was their conference on Babe Ruth. I met their Bob Feller and Babe's old bat boy was in his 70s when we talked.

It appears that the American people have awoken from their vice presidential slumber and decided that Governor Palin is not qualified. And yes.....

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

She's No Tina Fey

On Tuesday night, Senator McCain finally got his town meeting debate where he thinks he is so much better at. Unfortunately for him, the camera angles just made him look tired and decrepit. He kept on taking notes for some reason and repeated his old lines. Obama seemed clearer and lean, even though he was diffuse at time about the issues.

Sister Sarah Palin was in Florida trying convince people that Obama liked to pal around with terrorists, like Bill Ayres, the old Weatherman. She did not even know what the Weathermen were about and their record of anti social behavior. But on and on she went, looking like a bad imitation of Tina Fey.

Has anybody seen the Clintons?

Friday, October 3, 2008

Vice Presidential Debate

Totally programmed Sarah Palin had set expectation so low she had to surprise you--if she did not go daffy duck.

You now know why Biden got two percent in Iowa. He is rapid fire boring.

To intimidate the moderate then noted she wrote a pro Obama book. If so the MSNBC and FOX people should be cut out today.

McCain will stop campaigning in Michigan. The economy is too dismal there and the GOP are seen as responsible.