Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Bad Behavior, the Clinton Lot

It appears that both Clintons have chosen a denial of reality as they try to explain how Hillary really deserves the nomination despite the delegate tally for Obama. They will simply redefine the rules and say that now she has the popular plurality in these races.

It is interesting that the Clintons now oppose freezing out Michigan and Florida for violating the DNC rules. Their agent, Harold Ickes, was one of the most vigorous in opposing those states that allowed voting before New Hampshire. Now he is crying that it is just unfair. These sorts of behavior from the Clinton lot is what troubles so many fair minded people, winning at all costs, warping language, changing the rules of the game depending where you are. Obama has good allies in his battle against the old politics.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Vote for Fresh Air in 2008

McCain had his 96 year old mother on to show that he is not so old after all. She babbled on, proving that she could still remember what it was like to be 17 and in love. How that helps his case for being the oldest president in US history is a mystery. It maybe that his ideas are old, and the nation needs some fresh air after bush II.

For some reason, the Clintons insist on going on through the final primaries as if the nation owes special obligation to Puerto Rico or whomever. Her staff is bragging how much in money she has received since Indiana and North Carolina, who from is unclear.

George Bush, after neglecting the Middle East for two terms, is now pressing for a final settlement to the Israel-Palestine conflict. Has anyone seen Condi Rice? Maybe she is being held hostage and nobody realizes.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Bread and Butter

Obama's victory in North Carolina, and near upset in Indiana is pretty much the ball game for Hillary. She has fought a long and honorable campaign but the public mood is clearly for someone and something else. The Clintons have been around too long, and with the general of the Bushes, perhaps it is time to end their lock on the modern presidency and get in some young blood.

McCain may not have that blood, but he is solidifying the party and getting ready to hit Obama hard on the usual patriotic issues that the GOP loves to fight on instead of the war, taxes, gasoline, and health care.

Obama needs to bleed the new politics he so advocates with bread and butter issues which have been so important to the Democratic party since FDR. No Democrat can win without raising the class warfare issues.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Hillary's Good Fight. A Battle Lost?

Despite her splendid performance on O'Reilly on Fox, Hillary has to face the very difficult matthematics that make it almost impossible for her to win the nomination. Obama is substainially ahead of her in the delegate count, and it is unlikely that the superdelegates are going to bail her out. She has fought the good fight, now it is time to step down.