Tuesday, May 29, 2007

No Child Left Behind

The war and the need for universal medical care have blocked out any serious discussion about reauthorizaiton of No Child Left Behind and the need for national achievement benchmarks and national tests.

Bloomberg Presidential Campaign?

Is any anyone concerned about the talk of Mayor Michael Bloomberg's possible presidential nomination being self funded at a $1 billion? Doesn't that remote possibility promote the importance of mandatory public financing?

Long Primary Season

The long primary season should give us a chance to get to know the
lower tier of candidates such as Huckebee of Arkansas and Biden of

Bush on Iraq Withdrawal

The Bush Administration has insisted that any withdrawal plans would embolden the Iraqi insurgents, and it has used that argument shamelessly to hold the GOP in Congress in line. But at the same it is releasing hints that it is planning a phased withdrawal from Iraq beginning before election day. Surprise, surprise.

Richardson on Meet the Press

Bill Richardson did poorly on Meet the Press over Memorial Day. His
problems may be due to his seeing himself as a vice presidential
candidate on several possible tickets so he did not want to alienate
anyone. Russett was his usual insufferable self.

Hillary to visit Iowa and New Hampshire

If Hillary stumbles in Iowa and in New Hampshire, watch for Al Gore coming in.

Thursday, May 24, 2007


In Trenton and throughout many cities, one encounters devotees of the perennial political candidate, Lyndon LaRouche of Leesburg Virginia. He has served time in prison and run for president of the Untied States and proclaims through his political action committee positions on the environment, the economy, education, and whatever topic gets his confused attention.

Now he is declaring that the old economics is dead, and a new one is needed. He has urged the forced retirement of Vice President Cheney and that we put George Bush under “compassionate care.” If we don’t, we will have a war spreading across the Middle East and also the worst financial crisis since the Dark Ages. He is critical of every president since the death of McKinley and regards Teddy Roosevelt as the nephew of a Confederate traitor. And he sees Woodrow Wilson as an advocate of the Ku Klux Klan. Only with the inauguration of Franklin D. Roosevelt did a president challenge the corrupt clique centered in London and Wall Street.

Like many commentator, he is concerned about our economic and political dependence on fossil fuels. He presents fusion as the technology of the future. But Baby Boomers are conditioned not to believe in the harsh truth. We need “bell canto” mode of singing in the streets to woo the next generation. HUH. He opposes a money economy and wants a “physical” economic and insists that the entire international money system be liquated. Put the whole system into bankruptcy, destroy the Federal Reserve System, and end banks.

Yet he is fulsome in his support of FDR’s interventionist New Deal with its huge public works programs over the years. He denounces outsourcing and globalization, and the Anglo-Dutch Liberal imperial order. He wants the USA to invest in the physical infrastructure.

We used to control China, now it controls us. He talks a swipe at the former Secretary Treasury, Robert Rubin, who thinks like a banker—which of course he was in several senses. LaRouche wants to go back to the protectionist model—which the early FDR indeed did do.

Lastly, he concludes that the biggest terrorist threat is Vice President Cheney. Al Qaeda was created by George Bush and the Carter aide Zbigniew Brzezinski who mobilized resources for the war in Afghanistan against the Soviets and which feed the al Qaeda forces. The Bushes are close to the Saudi families and interests and are personally allied to Bin Liaen’s family. These are the gist of La Rouche’s polices.

His position and than of his followers illustrates how complicated international economics has become and the difficulty of understanding the flow of capital, investment, goods and human labor in a global economy. He takes comfort from the last great president’s ways, but FDR was remarkably adaptable in his movements and philosophical underpinnings.

FDR did not understand the Depression neither did the academic economists or Was Street. But he pushed for a more humane state as part of his experimentation, and his fits and starts.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Obama Ready for Prime Time

Last week, Senator Obama came to Trenton, New Jersey. He was a guest of the AFL-CIO and his presentation was stellar. Obama is tall, thin, and yes very articulate. He is a man of some nuance in his answers, but his answers are to the point. His reception was very positive, and his denunciation of the war in Iraq brought the union members to their feet applauding. The Senator is much more impressive in person than he was in the debate several weeks ago. Clearly he is ready for prime time.

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Fort Dix

The planned attack on Fort Dix gives frightening testimony that homeland security is surely an issue in ‘08.

Hillary's Ratings

CNN and Fox keep wondering why Hillary's ratings don't go down every week. Maybe people respect her more than talking heads do.

The Al Gore Rumors

Rumor is Al Gore may run for president. The only people who are spreading that are his old staff members.

Royal Confusion

Queen Elizabeth frowned at President’s Bush's verbal confusion, citing the 1976 anniversary as 1776. Obviously she doesn't watch U.S. news. He has a whole string of them, your majesty.

Monday, May 7, 2007

And after Darwin?

A new nadir in American politics was reach when Chris Matthews asked which Republican candidates did not believe in Darwin. Three did not --Brownback, Huckabee, and Tancredo. Matthews will ask next time which candidates do not believe in Copernicus.

Friday, May 4, 2007

Republican Debate

Nine republican candidates in the shadow of Ronald Reagan's library debated. One would have thought Iran was more important than Iraq. McCain can off as the most resolute during the 90 minutes. Overall they seemed more articulate than the democrats debate last week. Probably that is because their world view is simpler at times even simplistic.

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Thompson's Skeletons

When asked if he had any skeletons in his closets, Fred Thompson said that when he was young and unmarried he chased girls and they chased him. Now we have to interview the latter group to see what drove them to such excesses.

Rudy's Consultant

Rudy says that he will use his wife as a consultant to the president on the issue of chemical warfare. Wife III used to sell pharmaceuticals to doctors. Somehow she acquired a deep knowledge of weapons of mass destruction from peddling lipitor.

Election Issues

Bush is reciting the link between Iraq and the Al Queda. That will be the new Republican mantra in the general election--homeland security and that the Dems are weak on the issue. Somehow we forget that 9-11 took place in NYC with a Republican president, a Republican Governor and a Republican mayor.

Obama's Minister

The New York Times did a major story on Obama's controversial minister in Chicago. How long will it be before they do stories on the priests, pastors and ministers of the other candidates. Or is that level of scrutiny only for him?